the congratulatory call from AdComm came at 8pm (GMT +9) on 27th Nov. having read through various forums, I was well prepared for what the offer process would be like. as soon as I saw the words ‘International Call’ light up my handphone screen, I knew this was it. I answered the phone with a tentative “Hello” and was rewarded with “This is Sophie, calling from London Business School. I am calling with some good news……”. words totally failed me then. I must have mumbled gibberish at that point in time, but all I could think at of was Thank God! What seemed like a distant dream had just turned into reality. Hello NW1 4SA~!

If not for the fact that I was in the office then, I would have let out a loud whoop of joy~! needless to say, I was rather out of sorts for about an hour or so, totally unable to concentrate on my work.

the next 9 months will be filled with tons of things to be settled before I leave the +82. finding a place to stay, settling my visa, arranging to ship my stuff over, money matters etc.

I know that whatever the future brings, it shall be good. eagerly anticipating what the +44 has in store for me.




LBS MIF application/interview


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and so, I submitted that all important application in time for R1 way back on 5th Oct and received an invite to interview on Oct 8. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick turnaround time, considering the fact that the R1 interview decision deadline was on 30th Oct. I was expecting to have to wait an additional 2 more weeks or so before receiving any news.

Finally got the interview over and done with on 16th Nov. The whole session lasted approximately 45 minutes. We were actually done with the questions in 30 minutes and chatted for 15 minutes thereafter. Perhaps we talked really quickly, thus the relatively quick conclusion of the interview. The interviewer asked really in-depth questions about my job and honed in on a couple of specific projects that I had completed. I suppose he was trying to find out if I really knew/understood what I was doing. And of course, there were the usual questions like “Why LBS?”, “Why a MIF and not an MBA?”.

Although the interviewer was from the 1st batch of MIF students, he still remembered his time at the school fondly. Though, I suppose, a recent graduate of the school would perhaps have more to offer in terms of electives/professors and such. He did provide useful advice with regards to work/school.

I understand that the AdCom meets every thursday. So depending on how quickly he submits the interview report, I should be able to find out if i’m in pretty soon!

Am eagerly awaiting a call from the +44~!

one step closer

finally got the GMAT over n done with back in May!

all i have to do now is to wait for the essay qns from LBS to be up before i start applications! i actually started researching on schools way back in 2011 (4 years ago) and it seems very surreal that i’m actually, finally gonna be applying to grad school this year!

i’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, LBS MIF, INSEAD MBA and maybe Oxford MBA. don’t really want to apply to a ton of schools that i know won’t be a good fit for me and that won’t meet my objectives. after all, the application fee does cost a tidy sum of money!

talked to a couple of students and alumni from the LBS MIF and it was pretty insightful. it sure got me all hyped up about going back to school after being in the workforce for 7 years.

London is starting to seem more and more like an interesting place to live, though, i’ll be really sad to leave Korea. but who knows what the future holds.. i may, or may not, be back in Asia after i graduate. it all depends on where i manage to secure a job in!

will update more on the application process when further details are out!

[Day 1: Kyoto] off to the land of food… glorious food~!


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i figured that with my huge backlog of photos, it would probably take me a few years to document all my trips taken around korea, as well as other countries. i realised that blogging actually helps me relieve and remember the fun times that i had during my travels, thus, the return to blogging (i hope i can keep this up though).

without further ado….. may i present to you what was, in my humble opinion, a fun filled trip through the quaint and kitschy streets of kyoto.

Our humble abode was the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei located at Rokkaku-sagaru, Shinmachidori in Kyoto. Being a relatively new hotel (Opened in mid 2014), all facilities were super clean!

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sometimes… when resistance is just futile

owing to my exam that I sat for last week, I had put a hold on major activities, even limiting myself to meeting friends once a week. well… all hell broke loose once the exam was over and i rewarded myself with a huge load of clothes. though, perhaps i shouldn’t use the word ‘rewarded’ in this case… especially since I’m gonna have to retake the stupid exam. [that’s another story for another day]

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D-DAY tomorrow

its finally time to put all of what I’ve learnt to practice in the GMAT tomorrow.  still feels like time just flew by. I started preparations somewhat halfheartedly in the second half of 2014 before starting to prep seriously in early 2015. Although the content of the GMAT – Verbal and Math – aren’t unfamiliar, the timed environment and the tricky way in which the questions are phrased, certainly help in unsettling one’s nerves.

Approximately 9 hours before I walk into the exam hall and take my test. Aiming for 700 & above. Should really get some shuteye right now.

Will be back to update on my experience~!

GMAT prep


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while math & english (or verbal as they call it in the GMAT) were my favourite subjects back in school, they seem to have become slightly unfamiliar, even distant, in the course of my prep for the GMAT.

this is where i learnt to appreciate the calculator (bless your soul, o inventor of the calculator). who the heck calculates the sum of 100 consecutive integers in less than 2 mins w/o the help of Excel or a calculator these days…

the very minute discrepancies between sentences don’t help either… i mean, not to blow my own trumpet, but i was pretty decent at English grammar back in school. But,  the GMAT literally shattered all the illusions and preconceived ideals i had about my capabilities in the English language. try a couple of sentence correction (‘SC’) questions and you will get what i mean.

booked a date to sit the GMAT and D-day is coming in less than a mth! Let’s hope that I’ll be able to clear 700 in 1 sitting! My wallet and I don’t fancy paying an extra US$250 to re-sit the exam. Not to mention the trauma of solving more math problems that make you calculate the trajectory of a bird flying from A to B and make a strategic guess regarding the angle at which the bird’s shit will fall to the ground…. i exaggerate.. but yeah, you get the point.


my new exercise regime

After years of inactivity and slothfulness, I finally embarked on a regime to keep fit last year. i approached that with trepidation, fearing the unknown, as i waded into uncharted territory.

Although i was no stranger to the gym, having been there once or twice throughout my life, the only familiar friends i had there were the running machine and stationary bike. the rest? huge, intimidating, gleaming metal structures akin to torture devices from days of old. and right i was… my 6 mth gym membership came with 2 free PT sessions. The PT took extreme delight in torturing me with those machines, to the point where I feared that my legs would give way and the weights would come crashing down on me. After that 1 hour of torture exercise, my legs were no better than jelly. I wobbled my way home unsteadily, feeling as sore as could be. Needless to say, I could barely walk, let alone sit, for 1 week.

I swore off PT after that…

My new fitness plan? Pilates. I found this cool site online that has a beginner’s calender for those new to pilates. While I wouldn’t say that the exercises are a walk in the park, they are definitely more tolerable than the PT session that I had.

I’m currently up to Day 17 and still going strong. Shall update with results in a mth’s time!

비단콤마 – Hongdae/Sangsu [Japanese restaurant]


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now. i don’t usually write reviews about restaurants as i’m no foodie, but this restaurant was way too good for me not to blog about it. it was the first restaurant in a long while that left me wanting more, even before I had even finished my 1st meal there. i found it on naver after searching for japanese restaurants in the hongdae/sangsu area. and we ended up wandering around half of sangsu before we finally found it, tucked in a nondescript alley near the station. no thanks to my ‘awesome’ map reading skills that led us in the opposite direction.




croquette (6,000won)


teriyaki chicken (7,000won)


hamburg steak (12,000won)

20140113_202436 20140113_202449


the restaurant is run by lovely japanese ladies and they were extremely hospitable! the food was also amazingly delicious, reminiscent of typical home cooked japanese food. I highly recommend this place! Pity that it is a little on the small side. Seats about 10 people, with some bar seats at the counter. But i guess that’s what gives it its unique kitschy charm.

Nearest station: Line 6, Sangsu Station, Exit 1

Address: 서울특별시 마포구 상수동 93-107 


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apparently my interest, or lack thereof, in ‘A’ has not changed one bit 6 years on since i began my affair with it. it is pretty discouraging, in the least, to discover that every step forward seems to expose my inadequacies and deficiencies. try as i might, i can’t seem to move away from it. perhaps my mental wall is the stumbling block to success, but somehow, i can’t help feeling that there’s more to life than just being another rat in the race of life. as someone so very aptly said, ‘we are just minions’, being ordered around and expected to obey every whim and fancy of our masters.

juxtaposing then and now, life was much simpler back then. when i was doing something i loved. i was branded an ‘idealist’. but then again, having ideals gives you so much more to live for than just being pragmatic. having ideals means hopes and dreams and the possibility of what can be and not just what could have been.

its inexplicably frustrating when you try to fit into a mould that is not your own. we were  not cut the same way, not meant to conform to rules and regulations but were meant to explore and to ‘think out of the box’.

2 more years of this corporate bull and its hasta-la-vista, baby… ’nuff said.