its been raining quite a fair bit around here. can’t really say that i mind that much.. except that huge puddles form on the ground & i have to worry abt buses or cars running over them & splashing me with it.. not a very pretty sight. summer has been surprisingly cool lately. quite unlike what i’ve experienced in 2008 & 2009. guess God knows that i hate the heat. haha.

i need to exercise. period. my face is getting kinda chubby. which is really bad. i dunno if its cause my sodium intake has increased, which led to water retention or sth. i don’t think i’m eating all that much more as compared to when i was in SG. feels the same, looks the same, butttttt…. sth is wrong somewhere. maybe its the air or sth. hmm. but anw, i super need to start on a regular exercise plan. i have a 1 mth gym membership at this gym near my office, but i’m so lazy to go down to start.. grrr. n i need to find a easily accessible swimming pool near my house/office. the Guro swimming complex is kinda out of the way…. heard that the hotels have opened up their swimming pools to the public, but its kinda expensive. like 10,000won per entry!! i so want to go to the water parks, but no one is interested.. >_< they claim that its embarassing to put on a swimsuit. hmrph… so i have to wait for sachiko to come in aug before i get to go….

life here has been better than i expected. hehehe. don’t think i’ll be moving back anytime soon. shall try to glean as much info and learn as much as possible before moving on.. within the same cty. 😉