i passed by this HK wonton mee restaurant at Hongdae sometime last week. it looked pretty much like all the other chinese restaurants in seoul.. red exterior, chinese words thrown in n there to make it seem authentic. but hey, we all know that chinese food in korea is still not authentic..

but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that this restaurant was actually part of a chain store, Mak’s Noodles, of wonton noodles in HK! the noodles that i had were very very tasty & 99% identical to what i had in HK previously.

i had a small bowl of noodles that cost me 5,500won, while peichi had the large bowl that cost 9,000won. it sure was very filling & extremely tasty to boot!

u can bet that i’ll be back for more.. now that i know where to get my wonton mee fix!

its located at the T junction near the Hongdae Playground, where the weekly flea market is held on saturdays.