[credits to SBS]

check these out… its totally flooded. much worse than any flood in Singapore. n Singaporeans still complain. they should be thankful for the amazing public transport that they have.

The rain was so heavy today that I had to wait 30mins for my bus to come. Was berating myself for not taking the train instead. But thank God, i didn’t. I saw that the trains along Line 1, from 인천-구로 had stopped services at the time that i was supposed to go to work. Services only resumed at 10+am… read abt it here

My mgr was stuck in traffic for 2 hours before she finally gave up and decided to go home. A few partners are absent, presumably stuck in traffic as well.. A senior’s still on the bus at Olympic Bridge (and its 1237pm now!).. u get the drift. i don’t think this would ever happen in SG.. rain or shine, u have to come to work.. well, unless u take MC. heard from my colleagues that they get to stay home in the event of uber heavy snow/rain cause its dangerous to go out. haha. sounds gd to me. 😉 sure was an interesting experience. though i did get myself all wet from head to toe..