its a wee bit early to start planning for a trip that’s slightly more than a year away, but i figured that it will probably take up quite a bit of time.. so here goes!

i’m quite keen on a sightseeing/musical tour in general, so concerts/museums rank pretty high on my must-do list!

5 countries, 7 cities in 16 days. doable? the countries that i’m looking at are:

Germany – Berlin/Bonn
Czech Republic – Praha
Hungary – Budapest
Austria – Vienna/Salzburg
Italy – Rome

sounds gd eh? Trying to figure out the most economical travel plan’s kinda tiring though. What with the numerous ways of travelling from point A to point B.
However, i think its gonna cost a pretty penny. A rough estimate would be around S$5,000? The air tickets and eurail pass would eat up almost S$2,000. I figure that accomodation + transport expenses would probably take up half the budget.. so frugality is the key i suppose. But my maiden Europe trip is going to be nothing short of amazing! like minded travel companions are the key to enjoying the trip! ^^