been getting a little too click happy online recently. bought quite a few things + booked tickets to KL for a short weekend trip while i’m back in SG. The tickets were only S$89 when i checked the prices on friday, but subsequently increased to $101 when i booked it on sunday! prices sure do rise quickly around here. >_< Reserved & paid for a room at Traders Hotel by Shangri-la! I can't wait to play in the pool! Hopefully we get bumped up to a suite or something since i'm a Golden Circle member (crosses fingers & toes)

I know that summer is almost coming to an end, but i just couldn't resist getting a pair of clogs! I've been lusting after them ever since the start of this year, but was just unable to find a pair that i really liked!

Swedish Hasbeens are the gold standard in clogs, BUT they also come with a price tag to match. So…. unable to resist temptation & my love for clogs, I turned to my best friend, Google. And look what it came up with!

Lotta from Stockholm! While it may not be swedish hasbeens, they certainly look very much like them. Plus, they seem really established & their clogs are all handmade in Sweden by esteemed clog makers! Prices are extremely reasonable & they ship worldwide for only 9 pounds!
Tip: Check out their SALE section for sales, seconds & sell offs! Clogs can be had for as low as 22.5 pounds!

Braid Tan for only 35.50 pounds!

My clogs have already been mailed out only 2 days after i’ve made payment. I certainly can’t wait to receive and try them on!

Long socks with my clogs in the fall sound perfect. I’m eagerly awaiting falling leaves and cool crisp weather just so that i can dress my clogs up! ^^