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though not with work work, but with play work. haha. esther’s coming over next thurs & i’m drafting out weekend itineraries for an awesome time of fun! as narsha would say.. its gonna be 대 to the 박!

its pretty fun, trying to plan & schedule everything just so that I can fit in all the activities in 1 weekend. i think my naver-ing skills have gotten better. in fact, some ppl have commented that i should really be working at KTO instead of crunching numbers (not that there’s much of that to do as of late). oh why don’t other industries pay better just so that i can sustain my travelling lifestyle while having fun? hmmm

we’re looking into going to Ocean World on sat (27/8) and then to the 김삼순 연극 @ 대학로 at 8pm. Sunday will be reserved for the 김탁구 빵 만들기 체험 @ 청주 and the 포도축제 @ 영동.. the following weekend’s gonna be a 1박2일 trip to 완도, where esther can wando her time there. she’s been spending a fair amount of time wando-ing about how to get there. sounds like a pretty action packed 2 weeks.. including the random trips within seoul on weekdays.. awesome. 😀 i can’t wait already.. hur hur. why do i always come up with such wonderful ideas? 😉

plus!!! my PEN’s gonna be here next week! can’t wait to use it to take photos of all the places that i’m gonna visit! whoopies!

EDIT: weekend getaway #1 plans!