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looks like i haven’t been updating for almost a month! i used to be very diligent in my updates, but somehow, blogging appears to have lost its appeal for me. perhaps the strain from work has taken its toll on me. [not that i do that much at work anw] but, here’s some updates from the last month or so.

As mentioned previously, Esther & I visited Cheongju & Yeongdong in August. will not be updating all the pictures cause its gonna be too image heavy. most of them are already on facebook, so if you are my friend on FB, u’ll probably get to see them anw.

Cheongju was pretty interesting since we went for the ‘Kim Tak Gu’ 체험. It was only 12,500won or so for the whole experience due to a discount via ticketmonster. We got to make red bean bread (extremely delicious), watch a short skit and tour the film set! Pretty worth it for the money we paid. Plus, the counter staff was extremely friendly & walked us out to the bus stop despite the 32degree weather.

Yeongdong on the other hand, was a let down. We went there for the grape festival, but it was too hot & kinda boring. I think the only highlight of that trip was when we went into the police station to ask for directions. The policemen were probably bored with nothing much to do, thus, they offered to drive us all the way to the festival grounds. Wished that i could have taken a picture though. It was really epic.. 😛 We ended up changing our tickets for an earlier train back home cause there wasn’t as much as expected at Yeongdong. Pity.

Well, the last & final public holiday of the year is coming up on mon. At least i still have 2.5 days of leave left! I shall save that for dec for when debra & LX come!

Will probably be heading down to Hwaseong the week after next on a biz trip. Hopefully it won’t be boring & that i won’t have to work OT nor entertain cartoon characters. 😀