i’ve always had a penchant for quaintness and all things vintage. perhaps that’s why the street cafes of hongdae and samcheongdong appeal to me so. hailing from the hot and sunny island that is Singapore, the closest thing that you could find to a street cafe was probably a neighbourhood coffee shop a few years back.
But, it looks like things have been changing recently, for which i’m glad. I chanced upon two relatively interesting sites, CoffeeTablePeople and Sarah’s Loft. The layout was pretty easy on the eye & the blog was a good read. Both bloggers are based in Singapore & they seem to have uncovered many hidden gems that i never knew existed on the island. *perhaps i just wasn’t interested enough to explore my home country*

CoffeeTablePeople just reviewed a cafe that has sprouted up in Upper Thomson. Judging by the pictures, it does appear to serve rather appetizing food. It’s a pity that i’m not back in Singapore, otherwise I would check it out for myself.

Well, I do have cafes over here in Hongdae/Samcheongdong to keep me occupied as a consolation.. 😉
more on that coming up soon!