it’s been eons since i last wrote in here. or anywhere, for that matter. too much report writing seems to have shrunk my vocabulary and reduced it to a handful of accounting jargon that simply can’t express my thoughts in long flowery prose. it is all about being concise, precise and straight to the point. which is a pity if you think about it. it seems to reflect the harsh reality of life vis-a-vis the ideal life, as portrayed by the poets and writers of yore. as one of my favourite quotes by William Henry Davies goes,

what is life if full of care, if we have no time to stand and stare?

will there ever be a resolution to this fight of life? do long hours equate more satisfaction and money? does giving your all at work mean a sacrifice of your social life? does signing on that dotted line mean a resignation to your fate? rhetoric as they may be, they are valid and help point you into the direction to which you should aim to live your life.

i’m still wading through and trying to gain my bearings in this dense forest of life. and i trust that my answer will and should appear soon…