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i’m so excited abt the trip that’s coming up next week! It’s been almost 1 year since i’ve left the country (note: for a REAL holiday.. biz trips not included). will be meeting up with Pam in HK for just 1 day before heading off to the Eternal City with LX! I’ll finally get to see the Trevi fountain and the Colosseum~! not forgetting the awesome pasta & pizza too! i’ve already made out a list of ‘to buy’ items. Some of which are kinda duh… like.. i dunno why i need like 4 duvet covers.. guess i better try to shorten my list!

Watching Matilda in London too!!! was lucky that i managed to get tickets to the show.. it was practically sold out on all the days that I’m gonna be there.. they do actually reserve 5 pounds tix for 16-25year olds at the door, but i heard that u have to reach the theatre by like 6am in order to actually have a shot at getting them! that’s like way crazy & there’s no way that i’m gonna do that just to save 15 pounds! so yup. paid full price for an upper circle seat! totally looking forward to the show! 😀

12th Oct please come quickly… n God, please make the days longer from 12th Oct – 26th Oct.. thanks. 😀