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just polished off a new book, Christmas with Mr Darcy & it was pretty good i must say. It is one of those typical feel good stories that isn’t too much of a chore to read. Makes for a pretty enjoyable read after a day’s work. (*not that i’ve actually worked that much, seeing as how its the Chuseok holiday over here.. *) Bought it off Amazon for 1.99pounds & here’s the link if anyone’s interested. 


the office was reminiscent of a ghost town today & i highly doubt if anyone would have noticed had we not appeared today. I could count the number of people in my dept who appeared today on my fingers. and that’s saying a lot about the people who did appear! headed off to 신촌 for a spot of British fish & chips before rounding off the night with some tea & 빙수 at Chloris. excellent food, wonderful company, ’nuff said. 

D9 !!!!!! Can’t wait! 😀