i should really be popping off to bed at this unearthly hour of 2:13am. instead, i’m scouring the web for things that i want  need in the UK. Been trawling through various blogs/sites for the best deals to be had. i mean, a penny saved is a pound earned right?

Places like Boots/Superdrug/Poundland/Tesco/Sainsbury/Primark are all just too good to be missed. I’ve made a list of the things that I need & its starting to get scarily long. I hope that my baggage allowance will suffice.. The thought of heading off to Europe is starting to really sink in. Its been pretty surreal for the past few months, seeing as how this is gonna be my first trip there. Not really sure what to expect but I know its gonna be loads of fun!

I just hope that my bank account will be able to handle the stress… hurhurhur. 😉