was alerted to a little gem of a site via SAJC confessions (‘Liked’ it on fb just to see what the hype was all about)

Stunned Mullets – A Collection of Miss K’s quotes

Clicked on it out of curiosity & ended up chuckling to myself throughout the 20min bus ride to the office…Pretty sure those around me must have thought that I was crazy or had a screw (or a few!) loose. Though I had not the ‘tough luck’ that befell the batch before me to have her as my lit teacher, she happened to be the teacher-in-charge for the Drama Club. Obviously everyone was scared shit of her, having heard, seen & experienced her wrath first hand in the hallways. Or, more commonly, at the plaza when we unfortunately happen to be late for school. I remember unfolding my skirt, pulling up my tie and pretending to ‘button’ the top button of my shirt just before I set foot into the plaza. That and crossing my fingers & toes and praying hard that she would not notice that my top button was actually unbuttoned. (NOTE: buttoning that top button was actually stifling, to say the least… ) However, she was actually surprisingly nice to us Drama kids. Well, nicer than if she were to meet us along the hallway or in the plaza..

Well, 10 years on, its still nice to know that certain things haven’t changed.. Her & her penchant for taking pictures with that iconic pair of black sunglasses.

And my favourite quote out of all?

You imbecilic Bimbo. I can’t imagine how you must have gotten so far in the first place. See me for your skirt tomorrow & TAKE THAT NOSE STUD OFF. IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A DOCILE BULL