when i was much much younger, i used to dream of becoming a lawyer. perhaps that was precipitated by my regular dose of legal dramas that aired on our local broadcasting station that was known as SBC back in the days. sadly, that dream never did come to pass. but i still do harbour hopes.. that someday, one day, in the not so distant future, that i may actually get to pursue that dream. 

a more current dream these days would be to own my own little shop, tucked away amongst rows upon rows of shops, each with its own distinct flavour and charm. the pragmatist in me rationalises figures while the idealist in me romanticises what will be, what could be and what may be. 

perhaps its time to sit back, relax and reassess my options, priorities and dreams. there is too much left unsaid, too much left undone. the fear of stepping into the unknown. but yet, it beckons.