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Olive Young: Hello Panda (₩1,000), Calbee Jagabee (₩3,100), Eye Am Not Tired Masks (₩8,000 for 2), Oral B Toothbrush (₩3,100), Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Cookies (₩4,500)ImageH&M: Striped Sweater (was ₩35,000, reduced to ₩7,000), Black Blazer (was ₩35,000, reduced to ₩9,000), Beige Treggings (₩25,000)


Went on a bit of a shopping spree lately, seeing as how I’ve been deprived of it, no thanks to the late nights at work! Stocked up on munchies from Olive Young, as well as some eye masks to brighten up those peepers! 

Wasn’t expecting much from them, but the eye masks actually did wonders in lightening my dark circles by a notch. I do have to use them over a longer period of time to be certain, but it was good on my 1st try!

Grabbed a couple of items from H&M as they are having their end season sale now. The sweater & jacket were brilliant buys, with 77% reduced in total! can’t wait for autumn to arrive just so that I can start wearing them out!

The treggings were just what i’ve been looking for in a pair of pants. Granted, they are not ‘real’ pants, but they do the job just fine. It really gives off a super slim silhouette and they are really comfy too! I’ve got myself a pair in black as well & I can totally see myself wearing them out a lot! The sizing does seem to vary, so be sure to try them on before you purchase!