After years of inactivity and slothfulness, I finally embarked on a regime to keep fit last year. i approached that with trepidation, fearing the unknown, as i waded into uncharted territory.

Although i was no stranger to the gym, having been there once or twice throughout my life, the only familiar friends i had there were the running machine and stationary bike. the rest? huge, intimidating, gleaming metal structures akin to torture devices from days of old. and right i was… my 6 mth gym membership came with 2 free PT sessions. The PT took extreme delight in torturing me with those machines, to the point where I feared that my legs would give way and the weights would come crashing down on me. After that 1 hour of torture exercise, my legs were no better than jelly. I wobbled my way home unsteadily, feeling as sore as could be. Needless to say, I could barely walk, let alone sit, for 1 week.

I swore off PT after that…

My new fitness plan? Pilates. I found this cool site online that has a beginner’s calender for those new to pilates. While I wouldn’t say that the exercises are a walk in the park, they are definitely more tolerable than the PT session that I had.

I’m currently up to Day 17 and still going strong. Shall update with results in a mth’s time!