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while math & english (or verbal as they call it in the GMAT) were my favourite subjects back in school, they seem to have become slightly unfamiliar, even distant, in the course of my prep for the GMAT.

this is where i learnt to appreciate the calculator (bless your soul, o inventor of the calculator). who the heck calculates the sum of 100 consecutive integers in less than 2 mins w/o the help of Excel or a calculator these days…

the very minute discrepancies between sentences don’t help either… i mean, not to blow my own trumpet, but i was pretty decent at English grammar back in school. But,  the GMAT literally shattered all the illusions and preconceived ideals i had about my capabilities in the English language. try a couple of sentence correction (‘SC’) questions and you will get what i mean.

booked a date to sit the GMAT and D-day is coming in less than a mth! Let’s hope that I’ll be able to clear 700 in 1 sitting! My wallet and I don’t fancy paying an extra US$250 to re-sit the exam. Not to mention the trauma of solving more math problems that make you calculate the trajectory of a bird flying from A to B and make a strategic guess regarding the angle at which the bird’s shit will fall to the ground…. i exaggerate.. but yeah, you get the point.