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and so, I submitted that all important application in time for R1 way back on 5th Oct and received an invite to interview on Oct 8. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick turnaround time, considering the fact that the R1 interview decision deadline was on 30th Oct. I was expecting to have to wait an additional 2 more weeks or so before receiving any news.

Finally got the interview over and done with on 16th Nov. The whole session lasted approximately 45 minutes. We were actually done with the questions in 30 minutes and chatted for 15 minutes thereafter. Perhaps we talked really quickly, thus the relatively quick conclusion of the interview. The interviewer asked really in-depth questions about my job and honed in on a couple of specific projects that I had completed. I suppose he was trying to find out if I really knew/understood what I was doing. And of course, there were the usual questions like “Why LBS?”, “Why a MIF and not an MBA?”.

Although the interviewer was from the 1st batch of MIF students, he still remembered his time at the school fondly. Though, I suppose, a recent graduate of the school would perhaps have more to offer in terms of electives/professors and such. He did provide useful advice with regards to work/school.

I understand that the AdCom meets every thursday. So depending on how quickly he submits the interview report, I should be able to find out if i’m in pretty soon!

Am eagerly awaiting a call from the +44~!