the congratulatory call from AdComm came at 8pm (GMT +9) on 27th Nov. having read through various forums, I was well prepared for what the offer process would be like. as soon as I saw the words ‘International Call’ light up my handphone screen, I knew this was it. I answered the phone with a tentative “Hello” and was rewarded with “This is Sophie, calling from London Business School. I am calling with some good news……”. words totally failed me then. I must have mumbled gibberish at that point in time, but all I could think at of was Thank God! What seemed like a distant dream had just turned into reality. Hello NW1 4SA~!

If not for the fact that I was in the office then, I would have let out a loud whoop of joy~! needless to say, I was rather out of sorts for about an hour or so, totally unable to concentrate on my work.

the next 9 months will be filled with tons of things to be settled before I leave the +82. finding a place to stay, settling my visa, arranging to ship my stuff over, money matters etc.

I know that whatever the future brings, it shall be good. eagerly anticipating what the +44 has in store for me.