Jul13: H&M and Olive Young Haul!


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Olive Young: Hello Panda (₩1,000), Calbee Jagabee (₩3,100), Eye Am Not Tired Masks (₩8,000 for 2), Oral B Toothbrush (₩3,100), Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Cookies (₩4,500)ImageH&M: Striped Sweater (was ₩35,000, reduced to ₩7,000), Black Blazer (was ₩35,000, reduced to ₩9,000), Beige Treggings (₩25,000)


Went on a bit of a shopping spree lately, seeing as how I’ve been deprived of it, no thanks to the late nights at work! Stocked up on munchies from Olive Young, as well as some eye masks to brighten up those peepers! 

Wasn’t expecting much from them, but the eye masks actually did wonders in lightening my dark circles by a notch. I do have to use them over a longer period of time to be certain, but it was good on my 1st try!

Grabbed a couple of items from H&M as they are having their end season sale now. The sweater & jacket were brilliant buys, with 77% reduced in total! can’t wait for autumn to arrive just so that I can start wearing them out!

The treggings were just what i’ve been looking for in a pair of pants. Granted, they are not ‘real’ pants, but they do the job just fine. It really gives off a super slim silhouette and they are really comfy too! I’ve got myself a pair in black as well & I can totally see myself wearing them out a lot! The sizing does seem to vary, so be sure to try them on before you purchase! 


stuff dreams are made of




when i was much much younger, i used to dream of becoming a lawyer. perhaps that was precipitated by my regular dose of legal dramas that aired on our local broadcasting station that was known as SBC back in the days. sadly, that dream never did come to pass. but i still do harbour hopes.. that someday, one day, in the not so distant future, that i may actually get to pursue that dream. 

a more current dream these days would be to own my own little shop, tucked away amongst rows upon rows of shops, each with its own distinct flavour and charm. the pragmatist in me rationalises figures while the idealist in me romanticises what will be, what could be and what may be. 

perhaps its time to sit back, relax and reassess my options, priorities and dreams. there is too much left unsaid, too much left undone. the fear of stepping into the unknown. but yet, it beckons. 


was alerted to a little gem of a site via SAJC confessions (‘Liked’ it on fb just to see what the hype was all about)

Stunned Mullets – A Collection of Miss K’s quotes

Clicked on it out of curiosity & ended up chuckling to myself throughout the 20min bus ride to the office…Pretty sure those around me must have thought that I was crazy or had a screw (or a few!) loose. Though I had not the ‘tough luck’ that befell the batch before me to have her as my lit teacher, she happened to be the teacher-in-charge for the Drama Club. Obviously everyone was scared shit of her, having heard, seen & experienced her wrath first hand in the hallways. Or, more commonly, at the plaza when we unfortunately happen to be late for school. I remember unfolding my skirt, pulling up my tie and pretending to ‘button’ the top button of my shirt just before I set foot into the plaza. That and crossing my fingers & toes and praying hard that she would not notice that my top button was actually unbuttoned. (NOTE: buttoning that top button was actually stifling, to say the least… ) However, she was actually surprisingly nice to us Drama kids. Well, nicer than if she were to meet us along the hallway or in the plaza..

Well, 10 years on, its still nice to know that certain things haven’t changed.. Her & her penchant for taking pictures with that iconic pair of black sunglasses.

And my favourite quote out of all?

You imbecilic Bimbo. I can’t imagine how you must have gotten so far in the first place. See me for your skirt tomorrow & TAKE THAT NOSE STUD OFF. IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A DOCILE BULL

too hyped up to sleep

i should really be popping off to bed at this unearthly hour of 2:13am. instead, i’m scouring the web for things that i want  need in the UK. Been trawling through various blogs/sites for the best deals to be had. i mean, a penny saved is a pound earned right?

Places like Boots/Superdrug/Poundland/Tesco/Sainsbury/Primark are all just too good to be missed. I’ve made a list of the things that I need & its starting to get scarily long. I hope that my baggage allowance will suffice.. The thought of heading off to Europe is starting to really sink in. Its been pretty surreal for the past few months, seeing as how this is gonna be my first trip there. Not really sure what to expect but I know its gonna be loads of fun!

I just hope that my bank account will be able to handle the stress… hurhurhur. 😉

a lazy tuesday


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just polished off a new book, Christmas with Mr Darcy & it was pretty good i must say. It is one of those typical feel good stories that isn’t too much of a chore to read. Makes for a pretty enjoyable read after a day’s work. (*not that i’ve actually worked that much, seeing as how its the Chuseok holiday over here.. *) Bought it off Amazon for 1.99pounds & here’s the link if anyone’s interested. 


the office was reminiscent of a ghost town today & i highly doubt if anyone would have noticed had we not appeared today. I could count the number of people in my dept who appeared today on my fingers. and that’s saying a lot about the people who did appear! headed off to 신촌 for a spot of British fish & chips before rounding off the night with some tea & 빙수 at Chloris. excellent food, wonderful company, ’nuff said. 

D9 !!!!!! Can’t wait! 😀 


D11 & counting!


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i’m so excited abt the trip that’s coming up next week! It’s been almost 1 year since i’ve left the country (note: for a REAL holiday.. biz trips not included). will be meeting up with Pam in HK for just 1 day before heading off to the Eternal City with LX! I’ll finally get to see the Trevi fountain and the Colosseum~! not forgetting the awesome pasta & pizza too! i’ve already made out a list of ‘to buy’ items. Some of which are kinda duh… like.. i dunno why i need like 4 duvet covers.. guess i better try to shorten my list!

Watching Matilda in London too!!! was lucky that i managed to get tickets to the show.. it was practically sold out on all the days that I’m gonna be there.. they do actually reserve 5 pounds tix for 16-25year olds at the door, but i heard that u have to reach the theatre by like 6am in order to actually have a shot at getting them! that’s like way crazy & there’s no way that i’m gonna do that just to save 15 pounds! so yup. paid full price for an upper circle seat! totally looking forward to the show! 😀

12th Oct please come quickly… n God, please make the days longer from 12th Oct – 26th Oct.. thanks. 😀

the lowdown on bus transfers in Seoul


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now, for all you seoulites out there, how many of you can safely say that you know the number of times you can change buses without having to pay an additional fee?

The magic number here is 4! That excludes the bus that you originally took. However, do note that all transfers have to be made within 30mins. The allowed time for transfer increases to 1 hour after 9pm.

Just thought that I would share this little titbit with all you potential tourists/current residents out there!



blowing off the dust…

it’s been eons since i last wrote in here. or anywhere, for that matter. too much report writing seems to have shrunk my vocabulary and reduced it to a handful of accounting jargon that simply can’t express my thoughts in long flowery prose. it is all about being concise, precise and straight to the point. which is a pity if you think about it. it seems to reflect the harsh reality of life vis-a-vis the ideal life, as portrayed by the poets and writers of yore. as one of my favourite quotes by William Henry Davies goes,

what is life if full of care, if we have no time to stand and stare?

will there ever be a resolution to this fight of life? do long hours equate more satisfaction and money? does giving your all at work mean a sacrifice of your social life? does signing on that dotted line mean a resignation to your fate? rhetoric as they may be, they are valid and help point you into the direction to which you should aim to live your life.

i’m still wading through and trying to gain my bearings in this dense forest of life. and i trust that my answer will and should appear soon…

where i shopped & shopped some more…





spent a grand total of 80,000won on these babies.. wasn’t such a bad deal i would say.. works out to be an average of 16,000won per item, which is pretty reasonable.. ^^ in fact, i see quite a few more items that i’m interested in…. but y the heck do i need so many sweaters in a similar design???!? 

been neglecting my books for the past week due to work… need to get back into the studying grind ASAP! 12 weeks left! 


a snapshot of a couple of my air ticket stubs from 2011..

was tidying up my place & came across my air ticket stubs from the previous year. looking back, i realised that i’ve flown almost 6 times in 1 year! although 2012 has just began, i already can’t wait to embark on my next flight to yet another country. or rather, countries. ^^ there are just too many exciting countries waiting to be explored!

been deprived of shopping cos of the FRM in May. Can’t wait for it to be over so that i can relax! 🙂